Own your style.  Own your confidence.


You want to hit the catwalk of life with a strut that sets off fireworks.

A strut born from a style that’s REAL & AUTHENTIC.

An outfit pulled together from YOUR confidence, self-love, and TRUE, GORGEOUS ESSENCE. 


But when you go into your closet you groan and think:

  • I’m SO not the right body type for that [insert something you've secretly been wanting to wear but haven't].
  • Everyone will think I’m conceited if I wear that sexy dress or edgy outfit.
  • NOTHING in here is comfortable to wear.
  • I just want to wear what I always wear -- IT’S SAFE and EASY!

This CLOSET DREAD is the WORST part of your morning and you can’t stand to start your day off this way anymore.  What you really want is to step out of your home feeling radiant EVERY SINGLE DAY. You want that effortless panache that you see other women embodying. 

A self-worth and grin that tells the world, “Here I am, baby!”

A luminescence that shines from the inside out.

But no matter how many stunning outfits you buy, you can’t get that confidence up, can you? You love fashion (your Pinterest board is covered in gorgeous pieces), but feel like you need a map to to even start piecing together an outfit. You’re pretty sure if you put on any color of the rainbow, you might look like a clown at a children’s party. Fact is, you’d rather hide in your closet than go out to face the world.

So you wonder, “Can I really change my image and style?”

Yes, darling, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN! If you OWN IT!


Coaching that helps you design an image and style that empowers you. An image that is a full expression of everything that you are and everything that you’re WORTH. 


You can work with me in the following ways: 


A Color, Style & Body Analysis that helps you take that first step toward crafting a style that best represents YOU. Learn the fundamentals to enhance your unique beauty.  Look healthier, radiant and luminous!


This package is for you if you are ready to commit a little further on your self-love style journey. It includes a Color, Style & Body Analysis, and a Closet Audit & Organization Consultation that answers all your questions from A to Slay.  You'll learn the fundamentals to enhance your unique beauty and start developing a wardrobe that expresses it.    


You are saying YES to transforming your life. You want to go from closet cocoon to full-blown, beautiful butterfly. You want to fully commit to your self-love style journey. It includes a Color, Style & Body Analysis, Closet Audit & Organization Consultation, a Shopping Trip, and a Shop Your Closet Consultation so you’re fully prepared to fly into the world and shine!


For existing clients who want a spruce-up in their wardrobe through a Closet Consultation, Shopping trip (both in-store or in-home services provided) and/or Shop Your Closet Consultation.

Ready to craft A style that ILLUMINATES your most authentic self?

Click the button to contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Continue reading below for more information on the style coaching packages and my style philosophy. 


Up until now, you feel like…

  • You’ve tried on every dress style and color palette, but you’re positive the problem isn’t the clothes, it’s the fact that you think clothes just DON’T look good on you.
  • You absolutely HATE shopping, because no matter where you go, the clothes just DON’T fit your big, skinny, tall, short, [insert thing you struggle with here] body!
  • You’ll never find an outfit for that important interview or date, because you have no idea how to project confidence through your clothes and appearance. You need that job!
  • Every other woman has the license to rock an epic outfit, but you worry that everyone will think you’re snotty if you do the same, like, “Who does SHE think she is?”
  • You’d rather wear the same old, familiar clothes you’ve always worn, because these old clothes ensure no one will see you. Better to be safe than sorry.

The truth? You’re praying that leggings and baggy shirts will become all the rage again! Or maybe, that if you just “fix” your body, or get “more money,” you’ll finally have a wardrobe that makes you FEEL GOOD. Because only then do you have permission to enjoy expressing yourself through your style.

But what if embodying a style all your own starts on the inside? What if you hold the power to make your outfit go BLING! Maybe it’s not the clothes that makes the woman, but the woman that makes the clothes…

What if owning your style STARTS RIGHT HERE?


Can you imagine when YOU...

  • Feel absolutely beautiful and radiant walking out the door, because you’ve finally found a color palette and style for your body that highlights your NATURAL BEAUTY!
  • Learn to find the clothes that fit your unique body shape, so you hit the stores smiling because you know EXACTLY what to look for, and you save time and sanity in the process!
  • Walk into any interview or date night with a stunning essence of confidence, because you’ve learned how to fill your closet with clothing that speaks to your authentic self.
  • Know that you are WORTHY of rocking that ravishing outfit because on the inside you know you don’t need ANYONE’S permission to be YOU.
  • Gain the confidence to try and buy new styles and colors that push you out of your comfort zone, opening the door to your natural adventurous spirit. Seize that style!

Creating a style rooted in your self-worth feels amazing! It’s empowering, and it allows you to shine the way you were born to shine.

My coaching gently takes you through an educational process of learning what best enhances YOUR natural beauty in colors, shapes, fabrics, textures, patterns, and jewelry.

Maybe you never knew teal could make your bronze skin glow, or that a silk blouse lays beautifully onto your body. I give you an individualized, personalized experience based on the internal work we do together. Because here's the thing, we can decorate your body with beautiful clothes, but if we don't get to the root of why you don't feel radiant while wearing them, nothing will ever feel quite right to you. But I help you make the unconscious assumptions and stories in your head more conscious, so it DOES FEEL RIGHT.

So why not let me style you with a SELF-LOVE that EMPOWERS you from the INSIDE AND OUT?

Because your clothes represent your essence, your soul, your spirit. Isn’t it exciting that we get to choose how we embody our deepest, most authentic self through our appearance? I prepare you to make a lasting change that you JOYFULLY will wear out into the world!