style that illuminates

From the Inside Out



standing out is incredibly important.


It’s not just about what others think of you.

It's about what you think of YOURSELF!

The second you see yourself in a different, more positive light, everything will change.

You'll feel more confident in your skin.

You'll attract bigger, better opportunities - from a promotion to finding the right partner and everything in-between.

It all begins with self-confidence and loving every fiber of your being for what it is!

By loving what you wear every day, you’ll be able to have a more powerful presence, create more meaningful relationships and live a richer life. I want to help you become your own style muse, mastering your wardrobe, and in turn, your life.

Carl Jung.png

In the words of Carl Jung: “The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, the world will tell you”.

Having a personal style that represents who you truly are as a person tells the world exactly who you are, without you needing to utter a single word.

A good image serves as solid proof that you are a confident, passionate and driven woman – who understands that there’s more to life than being born, paying bills and dying.


I want to help you BECOME YOUR OWN STYLE MUSE with my services that take you from style rut to a style that unleashes your inner and outer radiance.

My services contain in-person and virtual styling that includes color analysis, personal style analysis, understandng how to dress your body shape, closet audits and consultations, shopping sessions, and so MUCH MORE.


Are you ready to take an empowering stand, discover who you truly are, and show it to the world?



I'm ready to show you how to feel confident in the clothing that SUITS YOU. 

Get ready to go from closet dread to confident fashionista, with Jane O. Coaching!