You are A woman ready for a transformation...  


A woman nurturing her self-worth into love, style and JOY.

So the thought of crafting a love story worthy of your shine or an image & style that radiates your most authentic self FEELS RIGHT.

But lately, you feel anything but luminous and attractive. You think you’ll never find that soulful relationship that makes you smile or feel confident enough in your body to rock that stunning outfit you just bought. 

In an ideal world, you’d place an order for the perfect life partner and they’d show up at your door. Or leggings and baggy shirts would be the ONLY chic style to worry about.

In a perfect world, someone else would give you permission to enjoy expressing your full, beautiful YOU.

Okay, so life’s not perfect, but there’s something abundantly beautiful about your true, authentic self, and I’m here to help you FIND HER.

My packages help you style a self-love that shows from the inside out!

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