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Hi AGAIN!  I’m Jane Omohundro, certified Image & Love Coach at Jane O. Coaching, where my coaching services have helped countless women own a love that radiates from within and a killer style that reveals their true, authentic selves.

I’m a woman who seeks out answers and in my journey to find love and a wardrobe that elevates my spirit, I devoured every book under the sun on the topics. I even got a few fancy certifications in the process. I want to empower you with a LOVE THAT RADIATES and a STYLE THAT ILLUMINATES from within because...


I’ve struggled with finding that truly epic love story.
I’ve struggled with my image and loving the body I inhabit.

In love...

My story starts like most great rom-coms with a break-up that shakes you so hard to your core you can’t help but hold a séance to figure out WHAT HAPPENED. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. Everything was under control in my life but I couldn’t get this relationship piece under control. So it seemed only natural to conclude I was CURSED so I went to see a psychic for final confirmation. I got that definitive answer from that psychic when she said, “Yep Jane, you are CURSED in the love department.”
Can you imagine?

I thought, “Jane, what if you are cursed? What if all of this is out of your control and up to fate? What if you are REALLY CURSED? Your destiny is to be SINGLE and ALONE FOREVER.”

I couldn’t have that be my truth. Instead, I chose to empower myself. So I got the intuitive nudge one day to go browse the self-help section at the local bookstore. This little act was the beginning of something bigger for me. This lead me to start reading everything I could about LOVE. That was the key to a door that would allow me to go deeper. To really explore my suffering and understand more about myself.


Online programs. Coaches. Healers. Cross-Country Workshops. International Retreats. Meditation.
This stuff was PROFOUND, mind-blowing, deep, and…NOT WORKING.

I had so much knowledge but I still couldn’t make my soulful relationship happen. There were no dates, no chemistry, no love…

There was only me, waking up every morning asking with this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, “What’s WRONG with me? Why am I STILL SINGLE?” If only I met the right guy, or my skin would stop breaking out, or I lived somewhere else, or I tried this new coach that promises me to find my soulmate in 30 days.

Maybe THEN I would be happy and fulfilled. Maybe then I would be enough for love.

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But none of this was true, and no, of course I WASN’T CURSED. I just hadn’t discovered my inherent nature and this suffering was an amazing gift to help me re-discover it. It was through finding the right mentors, philosophies, and self-discovery tools that I was able to uncover the power that lives inside of me.

It’s the same POWER that lives INSIDE OF YOU.

It’s the power that burns from the source of LOVE that we’re all born with. A love that is so big and beautiful that others can’t help but reflect it back to you. I FINALLY felt good about myself. I FINALLY found that I was deserving of that love I was seeking because it was mine the entire time. So...

I stopped trying to fix myself, heal my blocks, learn more dating tips, or pretend to be someone I’m not JUST to have a relationship. My job in this life, your job as well, is to awaken from the delusion that we aren’t worthy of love, happiness and joy because...


Let me show you why.

This self-love not only prepared me to receive love, it also helped me find an Image & Style that spoke to this truth. You see, I was born with the “style seed.” When I was Little Jane, I loved styling my favorite Barbie and Jem dolls in hot pink dresses, dressing up in my Mom’s old dresses and cutting my brother’s hair like I was Vidal Sassoon re-born! (His memory of that might be a tad different.)

Style, fashion and expressing myself were a freeing passion.

But as a full-blown adult things changed. Others started to come into the equation and I started to suppress how and when I expressed myself. Because if I wore that leather skirt or that bright red lipstick, wouldn’t everyone silently make fun of me?

I played it safe.

So others wouldn’t REALLY SEE ME. Because if they saw me, maybe they’d judge me. Maybe they’d reject me for being different. Maybe they’d noticed the imperfections that all the magazines, billboards and glamorous commercials said were ugly and not good enough.

If I didn’t stand out I was safe from… REJECTION.

But the universe is always listening. When I least expected it, on a retreat in Los Angeles in 2013 hosted by a love coach (I was doing a whole lot of work on myself!), I met an image consultant who would change my perspective. She did a workshop where she brought us up in front of the other ladies at the retreat to show off our “date outfits.” I proudly put together something that I thought was cute and stylish and took my turn.

When it was my turn, I was waiting to hear the praise but instead she was kind and gentle in explaining that some of my style choices were very safe and unassuming. She had me explore how my clothing was a representation of who I am and to get curious about what that might look like. It had never dawned on me that I could think about clothes in this way.

Wow. Of course! I loved it! Using style to harness my inner-power felt so right to me.

This was my first peek into how fashion and style were more than just fabrics and high-priced couture. Style is how we express our deepest selves. Something about it felt so enticing, so interesting, like something I could study forever…

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But it wasn’t until 2015, while at a self-love retreat in Costa Rica that I finally admitted that I wanted to help others with their image & style. I felt like an imposter! There I was, wearing ill-fitting shorts and a black top that drained the color from my face, talking about how I wanted to help other women with their image. Was I crazy?!

First thing was first: I had to work on myself before working with anyone else.

As I started to explore why I had such a difficult time decorating this body of mine, I started to uncover my fears and assumptions and went on another journey of self-discovery.

This is when I learned the real lesson: my clothes were my security blanket.

I held on to them to keep me feeling safe in the world. I allowed them to stifle my creativity so I wouldn’t be seen, because if I was seen, I’d be judged or rejected by those I respected and whose approval I needed...friends, co-workers, family, everyone.

Uncovering the conditioned mindset that had kept me from embracing my love of style completely changed everything. I started to water and nurture that “style seed” again and it started to sprout.

It sprouted into ME making conscious choices about how I express my TRUE SELF.

It sprouted into a full-blown passion to help others express THEIR TRUE SELVES.


That’s why it’s so important to face the fears inside because it’s not until you discover yourself and love yourself, that you can decorate your body in ways that make you SHINE the way you feel inside.

Your external shift starts within because you are both the artist and the masterpiece!

I want to help you BECOME YOUR OWN STYLE MUSE with my Image Coaching services that take you from style rut to a style that illuminates the beauty you have inside. My coaching packages include color & style analysis, body analysis, closet consultations & audits, and shopping sessions, so you can start feeling like the woman you really are.

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Here’s a little more about me, your image & love guide:

  • I love me a cute outfit but I’m SO not attached to labels. For me it’s all about wearing pieces that express who I am versus trends and fads!
  • I’ve got a really big goal right now: doing one pull-up! I know, sounds easy, but it’s a challenge for me and I’ve been strength-training like crazy to reach it. Working out is not about how my body looks, but how strong it can be, so I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • I’m a certified Jungian Spiritual Psychology Life Coach and a certified Image Consultant. That philosophy and process of self-discovery I use comes from that Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy. My image consulting certification also equipped me with a whole lot more than finding a dress that is trendy and fits.
  • I’m not all woo-woo.  I also have a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Information Systems Technology which I have put to use to help design software for several Fortune 500 companies over the last 15+ years. 
  • One of my FAVORITE songs is “Burning Gold” by Christina Perri. The lyric that speaks to me the most is, “Looking back I see I had the flame in me, I'm the wind that's carrying a change.”  I want to empower YOU to fan that flame within YOURSELF because YOU are the change you want to see.

Jane O. Coaching

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