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love your style.

love your life.


You want to hit the catwalk of life with a strut that sets off fireworks.  

A strut born from a style that’s real and authentic.

An outfit pulled together from your confidence and true, gorgeous essence.

You see yourself embodying...

confidence. luminescence. beauty. inner-strength. worthiness.


A strength and courage so fierce that your fashion choices speak YOUR TRUTH.

With a closet full of clothes that make you feel absolutely radiant…


How does that sound? Incredible, right?


Impossible?  Lately, you feel anything but gorgeous, confident, or luminous.  Wearing any old thing in your closet has become your daily choice because who has the time to piece something together easily?

In a perfect world, leggings and baggy shirts would be the only chic style to worry about.  

Fact is, the closet dread has become the worst part of your day.

 Image Consultant

So you wonder, "Can I really change my image and style?"

Yes, darling, you absolutely can. You hold the POWER!

Embodying a style all your own starts on the INSIDE.

It's not the clothes that makes the woman but the woman that makes the clothes.

 Image Consultant

I’m Jane Omohundro, certified image consultant and life coach at jane o. coaching

I help women create a killer style that reveals their true, authentic selves—whether that’s fierce, cute, fun, or all of the above!  Once upon a time, I hid in the shadows of my closet, afraid that I would never live up to my style potential.  I’ve been where you’ve been and I’ve found the tools to break open my closet and allow it to breathe with the vibrancy of my soul.

Are you ready to take an empowering stand, discover who you truly are and show it to the world?  

Get ready to become your own style muse with my services that take you from style rut to a style that unleashes your inner and outer radiance. 


Want to express yourself without words?

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COLORS can speak volumes...of EMOTIONS.

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