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Style that illuminates.

Love that radiates.


You're an ember waiting to light up this world.

A woman who wants bold, deeply authentic romantic love.

A woman who wants an image and a wardrobe crafted from her truth.

You see yourself embodying...

confidence. luminescence. beauty. inner-strength. worthiness.


A self-love so strong that it draws the soulful relationship you dream about to YOU.
With a partner you desire and adore who complements your JOY.

A strength and courage so fierce that your fashion choices speak YOUR TRUTH.
With a closet full of outfits that enhance your natural radiance and beauty...


Confident in your BODY and your CLOTHES.


How does that sound? Lovely? Exciting? Empowering?


Impossible?  Lately, you feel anything but gorgeous, confident, or luminous. A romantic relationship feels like a far-off dream and you wear any old thing in your closet because who has the time to piece something together easily? But trust me darling, you can feel incredible, stylish and loved because the absolute truth is that it already exists inside of you. 

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I’m Jane Omohundro, certified Image & Love Coach at Jane O. Coaching. 

I help women own a love that radiates from within and a killer image and style that reveals their true, authentic selves. Because I’ve been where you’ve been, and I’ve found the tools to build a life filled with purpose, joy, style and INCREDIBLE LOVE. So why not let me help you find style and love in all the right places? Inside and out.


You can work with me in the following ways: